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Tulipop is a design-led character goods brand, built around the mystical Tulipop island and its inhabitants.

Tulipop has created an award winning range of quality gift items for kids of all ages, sold at premium retailers around the world, in addition to developing a popular app and a story-book based on the Tulipop world.

Tulipop licenses its property to high quality manufacturers, including the American toy company Toynami, which is known for creating toys based on some of today’s hottest media licenses.



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We at Frumtak encourage entrepreneurs to visit us for a “chat” because the conversation can deliver more value than an investment. As Frumtak is a growth fund, the companies we invest in need to have a product, a customer and turnover in order to be eligible for investment. Even though this is not often the case, the „chat“ enables us to get acquainted, which saves time later on if the company is considered for investment. The „chat“ establishes a foundation for a mutual understanding and to forming a band of trust which is the premise of working together in the future.

The simplest way to contact us is to send us an e-mail requesting the meeting. Please be advised that we only invest locally here in Iceland.

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